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Interventions are one of the greatest tools for driving drug addicts towards rehabilitation (rehab) treatment programs. If you’re worried about people in your life, which are drastically different as a result of drug or alcohol addiction, interventions must be started immediately to get them help. As a close friend who loves them dearly, watching them struggle and battle with drugs is torturous. You often ask yourself, “How can I help my family member get healthy again>” and “What’s my role in getting my friend clean?” It’s irritating to be used by the drug addict, and watch idly as other people encourage the substance user with codependent behavior. You can’t hesitant much longer. Confront the problem: fear won’t stop you from taking the necessary action. Contact Intervention Services Fontana, CA at 909 251-7234 for more key information about interventions and how to initiate one.

What’s an Intervention?

An intervention is a poignant occasion that is extremely powerful. It seeks to empower the addict into a rehab treatment program to rectify their drug habits. Family members, loved ones, clergy, teachers, or other friends, join hands to confront the drug addict about the effects of his or her drug abuse. The intervention members plead with the person to get proper treatment for his or her drug addiction. Interventions are conducted to present the drug user with options to save his or her life. Occasionally, the addict doesn’t understand he or she has any issues. While in self-denial, the person doesn’t even consider rehab. During an intervention it is vital to chat about:

  • explicit examples of unscrupulous behavior and how it destroys the addict and his or her family
  • the treatment plan plus the concrete objectives and guidelines that the drug user must follow
  • what each person will respond with if the addict won’t finish a therapy course of some kind

Four different variations of interventions are used: simple, crisis, classical, and family system.

  • A simple intervention can just be as simple as asking that the addicted person stop their drug behavior. This should always be done before other; more difficult intervention techniques are pursued.
  • The objective of a classical intervention is to focus the discourse onto a single person with the intention of getting him or her to enter drug addiction treatment immediately.
  • A crisis intervention is used to address extremely dicey and risky situations, like reckless driving, domestic violence, or intense alcohol dependency.
  • Family system interventions focus on the entire family, and convince them to change their destructive behaviors. Since addiction and family violence regularly arise from socially dysfunctional environments, everyone involved will need to help rectify their behaviors.

What’s the Difference Between an Intervention and Rehab?

Although each is essential to the drug recovery process, it’s crucial to know that there is a major difference between an intervention and drug rehab therapy. Intervention Services Fontana knows that interventions are supposed to drive the drug addict into drug rehab, and are put together by their friends, family members, and associates who care for them. Drug addiction and rehabilitation is the only way to get an addict to quit using, and an intervention is NOT comprehensive treatment. It is a method to getting the addict into treatment. Rehab facilities, like Addiction Rehabilitation Recovery, teach addicts about the disease of drug and alcohol dependency and train them with coping skills and strategies that will help with long term addiction recovery.  For the absolute best chances at success, Intervention Centers in California recommends that an addict agrees to enter drug rehab directly after his or her drug intervention.

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Nothing is more distressing or alarming than standing by as an acquaintance agonizes and fights with drug addiction. Many times, an intervention is an intricate, organized affair because of the joint labors of family and friends, but it can be as stress-free as asking the individual to quit his or her narcotic’s habits. Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation can help by providing interventionists, securing rehabilitation programs across the United States, or explaining about drug and alcohol addiction in general. Call Rehab Intervention at 909-251-7234 today to help a loved one get the help he or she so badly needs!